Impact of a Delayed Laparoscopic Appendectomy on the Risk of Complications in Acute Appendicitis: A Retrospective Study of 4,065 Patients

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Background: Urgent surgery performed for appendicitis is hypothesized to avoid complications such as perforation or abscess. This study aimed to evaluate the effect of the timing of surgery on the complications of laparoscopic appendectomy. Methods: A retrospective review of 4,065 patients who underwent a laparoscopic appendectomy was conducted. The demographic data, time of presentation, physical findings, diagnostic data and complications were recorded. The patients were divided into 4 groups (Group A, 0-6 h; Group B, 6-12 h; Group C, 12-18 h; Group D, over 18 h) based on the time elapsed from the evaluation at the emergency room to the appendectomy. Results: Group A consisted of 2,084 (51.3%) patients, Group B consisted of 1,553 (38.2%) patients, Group C consisted of 388 (9.5%) patients and Group D consisted of 40 (1.8%) patients. A perforated appendicitis was observed in 560 (13.8%) patients. Postoperative complications developed in 293 (7.2%) patients. No significant differences in perforation and postoperative complications were observed between the 4 groups. Conclusion: The timing of surgery did not affect the incidence of complications or perforated appendicitis.

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