The long-term impact of ferritin level on treatment and complications of type 2 diabetes

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Aim:  To investigate if high-serum ferritin has long-term impact on response to treatment and the development of diabetic complications in patients with type 2 diabetes.Research design and methods:  We analysed the record of 90 consecutive type 2 diabetic subjects who had serum ferritin level determined soon after diagnosis of diabetes and who also had long-term follow-up data.Results:  Patients with higher serum ferritin level had slightly worse triglyceride, blood pressure and liver enzyme levels at the end of follow up. However, ferritin level had no impact on the initial or final requirements for diabetic medication and the development of diabetic complications.Conclusions:  Although elevated serum ferritin is a marker of insulin resistance and chronic inflammation, it is not necessarily a bad prognostic indicator that should affect the clinician’s approach to management.

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