An Overview of the Clinical Experience of Secnidazole in Giardiasis and Amoebiasis

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The experience of the present author in the treatment of 100 patients with symptomatic intestinal amoebiasis demonstrated a clinical cure rate of 83% and a parasitological cure rate of 88% when assessed on day 5 following single dose administration of secnidazole 2g. When 50 asymptomatic amoeba cyst carriers treated with single dose secnidazole 30 mg/kg/bodyweight were compared with 50 similar patients receiving placebo, it was found that 56% of the first group and 24% of the second group became negative, a statistically significant difference favouring those receiving secnidazole. Seven papers dealing with the treatment of acute or chronic amoebiasis were reviewed, and all showed similar or superior results to those of the present author. Four published comparative studies of secnidazole and other amoebicides were also reviewed, all demonstrating superior results with secnidazole.

Studies by this author of 155 children presenting with giardiasis demonstrated parasitological cure in more than 90%, a finding confirmed in the literature. The safety and tolerability of secnidazole were good. No toxic effects were found, and side effects were present in less than one-fourth of patients, involving mainly gastrointestinal symptoms and a metallic taste. All side effects were of mild intensity and did not require specific treatment.

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