Felodipine ER: Effective Once-Daily Antihypertensive with Good Tolerability

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IN BRIEFFelodipine ER is as effective as other commonly used antihypertensive agents and is well tolerated. Unlike nifedipine SR and the conventional formulation of felodipine, felodipine ER has the advantage of oncedaily administration.A combination of felodipine ER and enalapril may be more effective than an equivalent total dosage of either drug alone.Although early findings are promising, the efficacy of felodipine ER in treating angina and heart failure has not yet been confirmed.Interactions between felodipine ER and other drugs that undergo hepatic metabolism, such as oxcarbazepine, carbamazepine and erythromycin, have been reported.The decision to use felodipine ER will depend largely on its acquisition cost in comparison with established agents such as nifedipine SR.

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