Imipenem/Cilastatin: A Broad-Spectrum Antibacterial Used as Monotherapy in Many Indications

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IN BRIEFImipenem/cilastatin has a broad spectrum of activity that should make it a welcome addition to the expanding arsenal of antibacterial drugs. It is at least as effective as the established treatments for a wide range of infections and clinical situations, and is well tolerated.Imipenem/cilastatin shows promise for treating children, particularly those with chemotherapy-induced neutropenia. It should be used with caution in patients with renal impairment or CNS disorders, and avoided in those who are allergic to β-lactam antibacterials.Pharmacoeconomic data regarding imipenem/cilastatin are scarce. Individual costs of administering imipenem/cilastatin as monotherapy compared with the standard combinations should be assessed. The lack of a requirement for blood concentration monitoring with imipenem/cilastatin, and the fact that ototoxicity does not occur, are important considerations when deciding whether to add imipenem/cilastatin to a formulary list.

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