Teicoplanin: a better-tolerated alternative to vancomycin in serious Gram-positive infections

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IN BRIEFTeicoplanin is an effective alternative to vancomycin in the treatment of Gram-positive infection. It has the advantage of a once-daily dosage schedule and the intramuscular route of administration. Therefore, where appropriate it can be used in the outpatient setting.Teicoplanin causes less anaphylactoid reactions than vancomycin, and may be less nephrotoxic when combined with an aminoglycoside.β-Lactam antibacterials remain the treatment of choice for Gram-positive infections because of their good tolerability profile. However, methicillin-resistant organisms are becoming an increasing problem. In patients who have infections with methicillin-resistant organisms, or who are allergic to penicillins, teicoplanin appears to be a better-tolerated alternative to vancomycin.

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