Horizontal root fractures: a case report

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This case report describes the treatment of an upper right central incisor with an intra-alveolar horizontal root fracture at the level of the middle third and an upper left central incisor with the horizontal root fracture in the cervical third. The root fractures were reduced and rigidly splinted for 4 months. The endodontic therapy was instituted in the upper left central incisor because there was no possibility of fracture repair due to the proximity of the fracture and the gingival sulcus. As soon as the diagnosis of pulp necrosis was established in the upper left lateral incisor, the endodontic treatment was performed. After 3 years and 9 months check-up appointments showed healing in the middle root third of the upper right central incisor and it responded within normal limits to pulp testing. Thus, there is no need for endodontic therapy on this tooth.

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