Development of odontoma-like malformation in the permanent dentition caused by intrusion of primary incisor – a case report

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A case is presented of a 10-year-old girl, referred for consultation for failure of the maxillary central incisor to erupt. At 18 months, the patient underwent intrusion of the right central primary incisor, which re-erupted several months later. Radiographic examination revealed a complex odontoma-like malformation located next to the floor of the nose, away from the permanent incisors. Clinical examination revealed space loss of the corresponding permanent incisor and severe hypoplasia of the permanent right lateral incisor. Because of its deep location, it was decided not to remove the odontoma, but to recommend yearly radiographic follow up to rule out the development of a dentigerous cyst. This case describes a very rare complication of intrusion of primary incisors and emphasizes the importance of follow up until eruption of the corresponding permanent teeth.

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