Esthetic rehabilitation of avulsed–replanted anterior teeth: a case report

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Avulsion is a complex injury affecting the pulp, periodontal ligament and the alveolar bone. Avulsed permanent teeth can survive following replantation. However, post-traumatic external root resorption eventually resulting in loss of the traumatized tooth is a frequent finding. After replantation of the avulsed teeth, esthetic requirements can be needed. Treatment options include porcelain laminate veneers, metal-ceramic restorations and all-ceramic crowns as well as minimally invasive procedures such as direct resin composite bonding. This article describes the restoration of avulsed and replanted teeth with direct resin composite laminate veneers. Because of the fact that lost fragments were recovered with the loss of anterior esthetic, and bearing in mind the patient's psychologically affected, we considered direct resin composite laminate veneer restoration of the avulsed and replanted teeth as the best therapeutic option. The patient was satisfied with the final result.

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