Elementary school staff knowledge about dental injuries

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Elementary school staff can play a crucial role in managing traumatic dental injuries (TDIs) because they are often in proximity to children and are frequently called upon to assist with children's accidents. International studies reveal that elementary school personnel have little knowledge about emergency dental care and management. The purpose of this study was to assess the knowledge, practice and experience regarding TDIs among a sample of elementary school personnel in the USA. Assessment was performed using a demographic questionnaire and a newly developed TDI survey instrument. Results revealed a wide distribution of responses. Overall, dental trauma knowledge among this group was poor. The majority of respondents were not well-versed regarding TDIs, their management, the benefits of timely care or treatment costs. However, staff reported a keen interest in receiving more TDI information and training. TDI education and management are needed among all elementary school staff members to improve the prognosis of these accidents when they occur.

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