Effect of crown fracture on the surrounding periodontium

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Clinical and histological alterations were analyzed in the periodontium of dog's teeth that had been submitted to crown fracture. To reach the long axis of the tooth, an impact device was applied to eight teeth of four adult dogs to produce trauma. Crown fractures involving the enamel and dentin, with or without pulpar exposure and without dislocation, mobility or gingival bleeding were analyzed within the post-trauma periods of 30 min, 1, 3, and 7 days. The force of impact that resulted in coronary fracture, although dissipated at the time of fracture, reverberated in the surrounding periodontium and may generate not only light histological alterations with a rapid re-establishment of the tissues, but also an intense inflammatory condition required as long as 7 days to clear up. The gravity of these inflammatory reactions unleashed in these teeth's periapical tissues depends on the absorption of impact by the periodontal structures and the individual susceptibility of each organism.

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