Clinical and histological alterations in the surrounding periodontium of dog's teeth submitted for an intrusive luxation

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The clinical and histological alterations on periodontium of dog's teeth after an intrusion luxation was analyzed. An impact device was used on 12 teeth of six adult dogs with the purpose of making a dislocation on the long axis of these teeth. Of the teeth that suffer intrusion luxation, two did not receive treatment and ten were replaced by orthodontic extrusion with activated springs of 100 gf. The traction was initiated either immediately after the trauma or 7 days later. Observation time was 40 days. Endodontic therapy with calcium hydroxide was performed on the fourteenth day after the intrusive luxation. The intruded teeth that did not receive appropriate treatment had signs of extensive and progressive inflammatory resorption. The teeth that were moved immediately after the trauma had lesser degree of replacement resorption compared with those that were extruded 7 days after the trauma.

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