Efficacy of spirally filled versus injected non-setting calcium hydroxide dressings

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The aim of this study was to evaluate the adequacy of spirally filled vs injected non-setting calcium hydroxide (NS Ca(OH)2) in the management of traumatized permanent teeth undergoing endodontic treatment for apexification, control of infection or the management of root resorption. A random selection of patients with traumatized teeth undergoing endodontic procedures was made. A total of 100 cases were assigned for placement of NS Ca(OH)2 by spiral filling and 50 cases by injection of the dressing directly into the canal. Post-operative radiographs were assessed for complete canal obturation and in particular, the density and length of the dressing within the canal. The results revealed that the injected NS Ca(OH)2 dressing consistently produced better results than the spirally placed dressings. It also completely removed the chance of instrument fracture and as a result of this trial, the department of child dental health has now adopted the use of this injectable system.

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