Traumatic dental injuries in primary school children of South India – a report from district-wide oral health survey

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Abstract–Aim:The aim of this study was to investigate the prevalence of dental trauma among primary school children aged 6–11 years in Belgaum, India.Materials and methods:A sample of 13 200 children from primary schools of Belgaum district was examined for dental trauma. WHO classification of dental trauma was used.Results:Total number of children suffering from dental trauma was found to be 1946 (14.74%). A significant gender influence on the occurrence of dental trauma was observed, with more boys (17.26%) experiencing dental trauma than girls (12.29%). More than 3 mm overjet and incompetent lips were also significantly associated with dental trauma in children.Conclusion:The findings of this study show that dental trauma has a moderately high prevalence among Indian primary school children. Community, especially parents and school teachers, should be educated about prevention and early management of dental trauma in children.

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