Prevalence of microalbuminuria and hypertension in South Asians and white Europeans with type 2 diabetes: a report from the United Kingdom Asian Diabetes Study (UKADS)

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Microalbuminuria is more common in South Asian individuals compared to white Europeans. The aim of this study was to determine the relationship between blood pressure and microalbuminuria in a cohort of patients with type 2 diabetes in these two ethnic groups. These further data were analysed from 552 patients (311 South Asian patients and 241 white Europeans) who had microalbuminuria screening data collected. Prevalence of microalbuminuria was significantly higher in South Asian compared with white European patients (31% versus 20%, p=0.007). Among patients with normal, untreated blood pressure, the proportion who had microalbuminuria was three times higher among South Asian patients compared with the white European group (30.7% versus 10.1%, p=0.049, relative risk = 3.1 [1.0–9.5]). In addition, despite their higher cardiovascular risk, South Asian patients were less likely to be prescribed a statin or antihypertensive drug treatment.

In conclusion, thresholds and targets for treatment of cardiovascular risk factors in South Asians may need to be lower than those for white Europeans, and targeted intervention will be required to achieve this.

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