A Screening Procedure for Modified Simplex in Frequency-Gain Response Selection

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The preference for hearing aid frequency-gain responses selected using the modified simplex procedure over that prescribed by NAL-R is not universal. A screening protocol used before individualized fitting may help streamline its use and ensure effective use of clinical time. In this protocol, listeners compare the prescribed frequency-gain response with selected alternate frequency-gain responses. Evaluation with the modified simplex procedure is indicated only when listeners consistently prefer the alternate frequency-gain responses in the screening procedure. Ten hearing aid wearers completed the screening protocol and the full modified simplex procedure. In addition, subjects compared their satisfaction for the prescribed and individually selected frequency-gain responses. The results were examined for efficiency, reliability, sensitivity, and efficacy of the selected frequency-gain response. Findings revealed that the screening protocol allowed reliable identification of listeners who needed fine-tuning of the prescribed frequency-gain response. Furthermore, satisfaction for selected frequency-gain response over prescribed frequency-gain response increased as more differences between the two responses were noted.

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