Sensory–Cognitive Interactions in Older Adults

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The objective of this study was regarding sensory and cognitive interactions in older adults published since 2009, the approximate date of the most recent reviews on this topic. After an electronic database search of articles published in English since 2009 on measures of hearing and cognition or vision and cognition in older adults, a total of 437 articles were identified. Screening by title and abstract for appropriateness of topic and for articles presenting original research in peer-reviewed journals reduced the final number of articles reviewed to 34. These articles were qualitatively evaluated and synthesized with the existing knowledge base. Additional evidence has been obtained since 2009 associating declines in vision, hearing, or both with declines in cognition among older adults. The observed sensory–cognitive associations are generally stronger when more than one sensory domain is measured and when the sensory measures involve more than simple threshold sensitivity. Evidence continues to accumulate supporting a link between decline in sensory function and cognitive decline in older adults.

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