High-Frequency Distortion-Product Otoacoustic Emission Repeatability in a Patient Population

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Distortion-product otoacoustic emissions (DPOAEs) are repeatable over time at lower frequencies (≤8 kHz) and higher frequencies (>8 kHz) in healthy, normal-hearing subjects. The purpose of this study was to examine the repeatability of DPOAEs measured with high-frequency (HF) stimuli in a patient population. It was hypothesized that HF DPOAEs would be repeatable over four trials.


DPOAEs were measured in 40 cystic fibrosis (CF) patients (17 females and 23 males) with measurable behavioral thresholds and present DPOAEs for at least 2 of the high frequencies tested (8 to 16 kHz). A depth-compensated simulator sound pressure level (SPL) method of calibration was utilized. Each patient attended four trials, in which a complete set of data were collected. At each trial, three different DPOAE paradigms were completed. First, a discrete frequency sweep was measured between 8 and 16 kHz with a ratio (f2/f1) of 1.2 and levels of 65/50 dB SPL for L1/L2. Next, ratio and level sweeps were obtained at the two highest frequencies with a present DPOAE determined from the discrete frequency sweep, and the results were used to calculate DPOAE group delay and DPOAE detection thresholds, respectively. Ratio sweeps were collected with f2/f1 varied from 1.1 to 1.3 and stimulus levels of 60/45 dB SPL (L1/L2). Level sweeps were collected with an f2/f1 of 1.22 and L2 = 50 and L1 varied between 20 and 70 dB SPL. Differences and correlations between trials, SE of the measurement, and confidence intervals were calculated, as well as a repeated-measures analysis of variance.


DPOAE response and behavioral threshold variability in CF patients were not significantly different across four trials. It can be expected in 95% of CF patients that differences between trials of DPOAE levels, group delay, and detection thresholds and behavioral thresholds are less than 6.26 dB, 0.87 msec, 9.34 dB, and 9.60 dB, respectively.


HF DPOAEs were repeatable across four test trials for all three paradigms measured in a group of CF patients. These results are encouraging for the measurement of HF DPOAEs to be monitored in those exposed to ototoxic agents.

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