Collected Extraterrestrial Materials: Constraints on Meteor and Fireball Compositions

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The bulk density and bulk porosity of IDPs and various meteorite classes show that protoplanet accretion and evolution were arrested at different stages as a function of parent body modification. The collected IDPs, micrometeorites and meteorites are aggregates of different structural entities that were inherited from the earliest times of solar system evolution. These structural entities and the extent of parent body lithification will determine the material strength of the meteoroids entering the Earth's atmosphere. There is a need for measurements of the material strength of collected extraterrestrial materials because they will in part determine the nature of the chemical interactions of descending meteors and fireballs in the atmosphere. High—precision determinations of meteor and fireball compositions are required to search for anhydrous, carbon-rich proto-CI material that has survived in the boulders of comet nuclei.

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