Precise Trajectories and Orbits of Meteoroids from the 1999 Leonid Meteor Storm

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Photographic multi-station observations of 47 Leonid meteors are presented that were obtained from two ground locations in Spain during the 1999 meteor storm. We find an unresolved compact cluster of radiants at α = 153.67 ± 0.05 and δ = 21.70 ± 0.05 for a mean solar longitude of 235.282 (J2000). The position is identical to that of the Nov. 17/18 outburst of 1998, which implies that both are due to comet 55P/Tempel-Tuttle's ejecta from 1899. We also find a halo which contains about 28% of all meteors. The spatial distribution of radiant positions appears to be Lorentzian, with a similar fraction of meteors in the profile wings as the meteor storm activity curve.

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