Preliminary Data on Variations of OH Airglow during the Leonid 1999 Meteor Storm

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As part of the 1999 Leonid MAC Campaign an extensive set of infrared (1.00 – 1.65 µm) airglow spectra and imaging data were collected from onboard the USAF FISTA aircraft. These data will permit a detailed study of the upper atmospheric conditions over a several day period centered on the Leonid meteor storm of 17/18 November, 1999 as well as during the meteor storm itself. We describe initial results of a spectral analysis that indicates a small but significant enhancement in the OH airglow emission during the peak of the storm but we cannot yet be certain of a cause and effect relationship. No similar systematic enhancement was observed in the O2 (1.27 µm) airglow emission recorded with the same instrument.

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