The Place of Articulation of Korean Affricates Revisited*

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There is no consensus about the place of articulation of the Korean affricates although they have been much referred to in discussions of phonological processes such as Umlaut and palatalization in Korean. In order to verify the place of articulation of Korean affricates, I reconsider some previous phonological accounts of their place of articulation and argue that Korean affricates are neither palato-alveolar nor alveolo-palatal. By reviewing phonetic studies of Korean consonants (e.g., Skaličková, 1960; Kim, 1997, 1998a, 1998b, 1999) and other languages’ coronal consonants, I show that the plain affricate /c/ is alveolar like the other coronal consonants in Korean, not post-alveolar, in support of my phonological arguments.

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