Areas for future investment in the field of ADHD: Preschoolers and clinical networks

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Two areas ripe for future investment in the field of ADHD are identified. ADHD in the preschool years is a key area for future study and development. Many questions relating to its validity and diagnosis remain unanswered, although there is a growing demand for treatment in daily practice. The lack of conformity of diagnosis and treatment of children with ADHD in daily practice to international best-practice guidelines represent unsolved problems. Investment in ADHD networks connecting different services and different professions across European nations may help to reduce these problems.


To describe recent developments and future trends in relation to preschool ADHD and ADHD clinical network.


Selective review and interpretation of empirical data.


Further studies are required to disentangle the various pathways into ADHD during preschool especially in relation to the background of early gene-environment interaction. This will improve the management of preschoolers with ADHD especially in the area of prevention and risk reduction. There will be an increasing demand for networks for the diagnosis and treatment of children with ADHD.

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