Interactions betweenPsilocybe fasciataand its companion fungusAcremonium strictum

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Interactions between Psilocybe fasciata and its companion fungus Acremonium strictum were analysed. The conidia of A. strictum were observed on stipe, flesh and gill of P. fasciata, which suggested that A. strictum is the fungicolous fungi or mycophilic fungi of P. fasciata. The microscopic observations of the interacting hyphae of P. fasciata and A. strictum in dual culture and the negligible activities of chitinase and β-1,3-glucanase in inducing or non-inducing media of the pure and mixed cultures of the two fungi indicated that A. strictum is not the mycoparasite of P. fasciata. In addition, the co-existence, no pigmentation and dew formation in dual culture of both fungi were observed, which implied that the interference competition between the two fungi is weak. The activities of cellobiase, filter paper enzyme, endoglucanase and xylanase of pure and mixed cultures of P. fasciata and A. strictum were the same or similar, which may allow the co-existence of the two fungi. As a consequence of coevolution, the relationship between P. fasciata and A. strictum is commensalism: A. strictum showed no clear benefit to P. fasciata; however, P. fasciata may shelter A. strictum by its psychoactive tryptamines and may be helpful to conidium dispersal of A. strictum. The relationship between P. fasciata and A. strictum is different from that of A. strictum and other fungi.

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