Height of Northern Jordanian middle-class adults, born 1960–1990 in the response to improving socio-economic conditions

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The purpose of this study is to document and explain secular trends in stature among Northern Jordanian men and women between the years of birth 1960 and 1990, as they relate to overall per capita socio-economic improvement, the stature of 360 adults from two Northern governorates, those of Jerash and Irbid, was measured. General linear model (GLM) was used to examine the effect of birth-decade, education level of subject, and their interaction on mean stature of each sex separately. GLM results revealed that women who were born during the following three decades pooled together (1951–1980) did not differ significantly in mean stature from those born during (1981–1990). Among men, stature of those born in the two pooled birth-decades together (1951–1970) did not significantly differ of those were born in the two pooled birth-decades (1971–1990).

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