Bone mineral density comparative pilot study in autistic children

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BackgroundBone mineral studies of children with autism are scanty.Aim of the studyThis cross sectional selective study aimed to compare bone mineral density (BMD) of autistic children to healthy children.Subject and method39 autistic children were recruited from outpatient clinics of Special Needs Center of Postgraduate Childhood Studies, Ain-Shams University. Using DSM-IV all diagnosed autistic children were assessed for severity by Childhood Autism Rating Scale, examined for anthropometric data and was subjected for Serum Complete Blood Picture, Serum Calcium and Phosphorus levels. Laboratory investigations were investigated. All data compared to normal children.Resultsshowed highly statistical significant difference in total BMD Z-score with P-value=0.001 and no significant difference in spine BMD Z-score P-value=0.255.ConclusionThe present study conclude that there is no relation between autism and BMD, for further evaluation of effect of diet restriction and drugs effect on BMD of autistic children.

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