Association between FTO gene polymorphism (rs9939609 T/A) and cancer risk: a meta-analysis

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Obesity is a risk factor of cancer. Several genes have been found to play an important role in aetiology of obesity and tumourigenesis. Recently, some studies suggested that rs9939609 polymorphism might be significantly associated with cancer risk, while the results of some other studies were controversial. Databases with time limitation from January 1984 to April 2015 were searched. The pooled odds ratio (OR) with 95% confidence interval was calculated to assess the associations, and subgroup meta-analyses were performed according to the type of cancer and ethnicity of the study populations. Overall, the significant association between rs9939609 polymorphism and cancer risk was found in homozygote model and recessive model. As to subgroup classified by cancer type, there was significant association in endometrial cancer and pancreatic cancer, while no statistical significance was detected in other kind of cancers. Besides, in the subgroup analysis of ethnicity, our results indicated that rs9939609 polymorphism was significantly associated with cancer risk in Asians. The rs9939609 polymorphism may be involved the susceptibility of endometrial cancer and pancreatic cancer, especially in Asian populations. Thus, rs9939609 may be a potential biomarker in early diagnosis or gene therapy target of endometrial cancer and pancreatic cancer.

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