Reconstruction of the chest wall and the diaphragm using the inverted Y Marlex methylmethacrylate sandwich flap

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Chest wall resection and reconstruction is a demanding operation involving a dedicated team. It can be performed with minimal mortality with excellent cosmetic and functional results using various substitutes. However, reconstructing the lower costal margin with diaphragmatic resection is a challenging prospect needing special techniques.


We describe a technique of reconstructing the chest wall defect involving the lower costal margin and diaphragm with an Inverted Y Marlex Methylmethacrylate Sandwich Flap.


There were no intra operative or postoperative complications and immediate extubation was possible in all six patients without the need for postoperative ventilation. There was a good functional and cosmetic result in all the patients.


This is an easy and safe technique resulting in a stable and satisfactory reconstruction after large antero-lateral full-thickness chest wall resections involving the diaphragm.

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