Diagnosis and prognosis of traumatic pulmonary psuedocysts: a review of 12 cases

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Background:Traumatic pulmonary pseudocysts or post-traumatic pneumatocoeles are a relatively rare-encountered condition occurring after trauma and an even rarer talked about subject. Most resolve within a few weeks, but if complicated by hematoma, may persist for months. This study intends to evaluate the resolution times of traumatic pulmonary pseudocysts and their clinical significance.Methods:We report a case analysis of 12 cases from Hanyang University Guri Hospital dating from July 1997 through October 2004.Results:The overall mean time for complete resolution was 85.6 days. The mean time for resolution for the uncomplicated traumatic pulmonary pseudocysts was 25.3 days (n = 6) and the mean time for resolution for the complicated (blood filled) traumatic pulmonary pseudocysts was 145.8 days (n = 6). When resolution times were compared according to size, those less than 2 cm showed a mean resolution time of 23.6 days (n = 5) and those greater than or equal to 2 cm showed a mean resolution time of 129.9 days (n = 7).Conclusions:Comparisons between completely blood-filled pseudocysts and uncomplicated pseudocysts have shown statistically significant differences in resolution times. Statistical significance has also been found between pseudocysts of sizes less than 2 cm and those greater than or equal to 2 cm. Conservative treatment is generally the rule; close follow-up and symptomatic treatment are necessary.

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