Tricuspid transcatheter valve-in-valve: an alternative for high-risk patients

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Tricuspid valve disease is not uncommon. Some patients with tricuspid valve disease require tricuspid replacement with bioprosthesis and, over time, may require re-interventions. Transcatheter tricuspid valve-in-valve approach has emerged as an alternative to treat dysfunctional bioprosthesis. In this article, we report a case of a patient with four previous cardiac interventions presenting with tricuspid bioprosthesis dysfunction. The patient was treated with the transcatheter transatrial tricuspid valve-in-valve procedure. The procedure was successful with no residual leakage and a non-significant mean gradient. The patient recovered well and was discharged in 1 week. The procedure is a feasible alternative for high-risk patients. Selection and postoperative care are crucial for the outcome.

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