LiveDirofilaria immitisfound during coronary artery bypass grafting procedure

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Dirofilaria immitis is a parasite transmitted by mosquito bites, where the most common primary hosts are dogs, cats and some wild animals. Humans become accidental hosts after being bitten by an infected mosquito and the number of such infections has rapidly increased during the last decade. We present a patient in which a live D. immitis has been found during myocardial revascularization. To the best of our knowledge, live D. immitis found in the substernal area during open heart surgery has never before been described. D. immitis in humans most often cause pulmonary nodules known as ‘coin lesions' which are benign and asymptomatic, but it is very important for thoracic surgery that they are considered in the differential diagnosis of pulmonary nodules. Video assisted thoracic surgery has been proven as the best method for diagnosing and treating pulmonary dirofilariasis.

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