Primary pulmonary artery sarcoma: a new surgical technique for pulmonary artery reconstruction using a self-made stapled bovine pericardial graft conduit

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Primary pulmonary artery sarcoma is an uncommon neoplasm with a grim prognosis. Complete resection is the only treatment that can improve the patient's survival. The role of multimodality treatment is still controversial, although adjuvant chemotherapy possibly could improve outcomes of these patients. Several pulmonary artery reconstructive techniques have been reported in the scientific literature, such as patch reconstruction, end-to-end anastomosis, synthetic prosthesis or biological grafts. In this article, we propose a new surgical option for pulmonary artery reconstruction after radical tumour resection using a self-made stapled bovine pericardial graft conduit in a patient with a mass in the pulmonary trunk and right pulmonary artery. We believe that the use of this technique adds safety and effectiveness, and reduces the surgical time.

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