Curriculum structure and the European Credit Transfer System for European dental schools: Part I

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This paper presents a proposed curriculum structure and system of European Credit Transfer (ECTS) for undergraduate dental schools throughout Europe. It is the result of the work of a Taskforce (‘Taskforce II’), appointed by DentEd, a thematic network of European dental schools and the Association for Dental Education in Europe (ADEE). There has been pan-European discussion of the document in draft stages (it was distributed to 200 dental schools) and following amendment, it was agreed formally at the National Assembly of ADEE in Athens, Greece, in September 2005. The main elements of the paper relate to: (i) a description of the framework proposed with relevance to the Bologna recommendations and common directive on recognition for professional qualifications as they apply to Dentistry; (ii) the structure of an undergraduate dental curriculum; (iii) student exchange and ECTS. In addition, the paper presents a series of requirements, guidelines and recommendations for action. ADEE expects that the ‘requirements’ proposed will be followed by dental schools in Europe, whilst the ‘guidelines’ and ‘recommendations’ also provided are open to local interpretation. The paper is also published on the ADEE website.

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