Propranolol associated with endoscopic band ligation reduces recurrence of esophageal varices for primary prophylaxis of variceal bleeding: a randomized-controlled trial

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The aim of this study was to compare the recurrence of esophageal varices (EVs) after endoscopic band ligation (EBL) associated with propranolol (PP) versus EBL alone.

Patients and methods

Sixty-six cirrhotic outpatients (EBL group, n=32 and EBL+PP group, n=34) with high-risk EVs without previous bleeding were studied.

Main outcome measurements

The primary outcome was recurrence of EV. The secondary outcomes were EV eradication, bleeding before EV eradication, mortality, and adverse events.


Demographic characteristics and the initial endoscopic findings were similar. EV eradication was achieved in all patients. Three patients presented gastrointestinal bleeding before variceal eradication, two in the EBL group and one in the EBL+PP group (P=0.13). Six patients died (liver failure), two in the EBL group and four in the EBL+PP group (P=0.27). Twelve (38%) patients in the EBL group and three (9%) patients in the EBL+PP group had variceal recurrence. The risk of recurrence of EVs after eradication was significantly higher among patients in the EBL group (P=0.003).


EBL alone and EBL+PP were effective in the primary prophylaxis of bleeding from EVs in cirrhotic patients (EV eradication, bleeding before EV eradication, mortality, and adverse events were similar in both groups). However, variceal recurrence was lower in the EBL+PP group than band ligation alone.

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