Portal hypertensive gastropathy in cirrhotics without varices: a case–control study

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Information is lacking on portal hypertensive gastropathy (PHG) in cirrhotics without varices; our aim it is to evaluate whether clinical and sonographic parameters are associated with PHG and may provide information suitable for the management of these patients.

Patients and methods

After endoscopic selection of 145 cirrhotics without varices, 75 with PHG and 70 without PHG, clinical and sonographic characteristics were assessed.


Forty portosystemic shunts were present in 27 patients. The mean Child–Pugh score was 6.3±1.4 and 5.6±0.5 in patients with severe and mild PHG, respectively (P=0.004). The mean portal vein diameter was 10.4±1.7 and 11.6±2.0 mm in cirrhotics without and with PHG, respectively (P=0.0002).


A link between the presence of PHG and a more advanced phase of cirrhosis was found. Duplex Doppler sonography was confirmed to be a valuable diagnostic method in monitoring cirrhosis. Management of these patients cannot be performed on the basis of a single diagnostic method, and a multimodal diagnostic approach is required.

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