Randomized clinical trial: efficacy of a food supplement, TRANSITECH, on healthy individuals with mild intermittent constipation

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Constipation is a common disorder in the general population and can be observed in healthy individuals. A natural product leading to an increase in bowel movements and decrease in colonic transit time (CTT), without bloating, could be useful for the patient’s care.


To investigate the effects of TRANSITECH, a food supplement composed of plants and lactic ferments, on bowel movements, CTT and bloating.


A total of 100 healthy participants, presenting two to five stools per week, were selected and followed over a 6-day baseline period. They were randomly assigned to receive daily two tablets of TRANSITECH or placebo during 10 days. They were then followed up over 28 days after intervention. Participants daily recorded in a home questionnaire the characteristics of stools (frequency and consistency), and the importance of bloating during the preintervention period (from D–6 to D0), the intervention period (from D0 to D10) and the postintervention period (from D10 to D38). Their CTTs were also evaluated by following the propagation of radiopaque markers at D0 and D10.


At D10, the food supplement group showed, compared with the placebo group, higher daily stool emission (0.95±0.50, 0.70±0.20, P<0.001), softer stool consistency (2.5±0.6 vs. 3.0±0.8, P<0.001) and lower CTT (33.8±28.2 vs. 56.4±36.2 h, P=0.01). The active group also showed a sustained increase in daily stool emissions observed at D38 compared with D0 (P=0.03).


TRANSITECH is an efficient natural solution for the treatment of constipation. It increases the number of bowel movements, decreases the oroanal and segmental CTT, is well tolerated, and presents sustained effects after treatment completion.

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