Diverse correlations between fibrosis-related factors and liver stiffness measurement by transient elastography in chronic hepatitis B

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Several fibrosis-related factors influence liver stiffness measurements (LSM); however, these changes have not been investigated in the context of the various disease stages of chronic hepatitis B (CHB).


The aim of this study was to assess the correlations between fibrosis-related factors and LSM in different disease stages of CHB.

Patients and methods

Patients with mild CHB (n=305) and cirrhotic hepatitis B (cirrhotic HB) (n=137) were compared with determine the relationship between LSM and fibrosis-related factors including parameters of liver inflammation [aminotransferase (ALT), aspartate transaminase (AST), total bilirubin (Tbil)], albumin, globulin, peripheral blood cells (neutrophil granulocytes, red blood cells, platelets), abdominal ultrasound B-scan parameters including right liver thickness, portal vein inradium, diameter of spleen (DS), thickness of spleen (TS), and splenic vein inradium (SV).


In patients with mild CHB, LSM was correlated strongly with ALT (r=0.3534, P<0.0001), AST (r=0.3976, P<0.0001), and ALT+AST (r=0.3760, P<0.0001). LSM was correlated closely with Tbil (r=0.2237, P<0.0001), albumin (r=−0.3126, P<0.0001), albumin/globulin (r=−0.3086, P<0.0001), SV (r=0.3317, P<0.0001), DS (r=0.4157, P<0.0001), and spleen volume (DS×TS) (r=−0.4399, P<0.0001). Red blood cells were correlated negatively with LSM in both mild CHB and cirrhotic HB patients (r=−0.1981, P=0.0203; r=−0.1593, P=0.0053). LSM was not correlated with age, peripheral blood cell parameters, right liver thickness, portal vein inradium, or TS in mild CHB or cirrhosis HB patients. However, in patients with cirrhotic HB, LSM values were not correlated significantly with other fibrosis-related factors, except for Tbil (r=0.2272, P=0.0076).


Our findings suggest that the magnitude of these correlations differs significantly between mild CHB and cirrhotic HB patients.

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