The use of intravenous intermediate dose melphalan and dexamethasone as induction treatment in the management of de novo multiple myeloma

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The variable absorption of melphalan from the gastrointestinal tract results in response rates between 40 and 60%. High dose melphalan increases response rates but at the cost of increased morbidity and mortality. We have investigated intravenous intermediate dose melphalan and dexamethasone in the treatment of patients presenting with de novo multiple myeloma with the object of reducing toxicity while preserving an improved response rate compared to oral melphalan and prednisolone. The results show that this treatment can be delivered safely on an outpatient basis in patients up to the age of 78 yr; 82% of patients achieved an objective response and 30% a complete haematological and clinical remission. Median overall survival for the whole group is 37 months.

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