Total Retinal Detachment Caused by a KIF11 Mutation

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PurposeThis is a case report of bilateral retinal detachment associated with KIF11 mutation.MethodsIn our university hospital, an 8-week-old patient presented with a potential bilateral congenital cataract, iris atrophy, and iridocorneal contact in the left eye. An examination revealed microcephaly and edema of the dorsa of the feet. The eye examination showed a clear lens in both eyes with a dislodged anterior chamber in the left eye with vessels drawn from the iris to the lens. A retrolental white bilateral mass with vessels was also observed. The MRI and the ultrasound revealed a potential peritoneal hyperplastic glass body. Bilateral retinal detachment was diagnosed during surgery.ResultsDue to the external appearance of the eyes (microcephaly and edema) and the bilateral retinal detachments, a test for KIF11 mutations was requested, and the results were positive.ConclusionsThere is a known association between KIF11 mutation and chorioretinopathy. The bilateral retinal detachment in the present case study has not been previously reported in the literature.

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