Chondro-Keratoprosthesis: An Alternative to OOKP?

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PurposeTo evaluate the use of cartilage as a potential graft material toward osteo-odontal tissue replacement in keratoprosthesis surgery.MethodsWe describe a modification of the osteo-odonto-keratoprosthesis surgery that involves the use of autologous auricular conchal cartilage graft (ACCG). In stage 1a, a full-thickness cheek mucosa graft was performed over the ocular surface. In stage 1b, ACCG was harvested via a retroauricular approach. An optical polymethyl-methacrylate cylinder was embedded into a double-layered fragment of cartilage and secured by cyanoacrylate glue. The graft is then placed in a infraorbital pocket. Stage 2, performed after 3 months, involved retrieval of the complex and implantation after reflection of the mucosal flap, corneal trephination, iris and lens removal and anterior vitrectomy.ResultsWe report two cases of chondro-keratoprosthesis (CKPRO) who underwent surgery with up to 15 months of follow-up. Preoperatively, vision was limited to light perception (LP) in both cases. On patient 1, CKPRO was performed in the right eye and the postoperative visual acuity stay limited to LP related to preoperative retinal lesions. On patient 2, CKPRO was performed in the left eye and the vision was improved to 20/100 J6. No postoperative complications such as extrusion, epithelial downgrowth, retrocorneal membrane or endophtalmia were observed.ConclusionsACCG could be an interesting alternative to replace osteo-odontal graft in keratoprosthesis surgery. However, further comprehensive studies with larger sample size and longer follow-up are required. However longer follow-up and a higher number of patient are required to report postoperative complications incidence, survival and functional outcomes.

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