A study on the coherence of compacted binary composites of microcrystalline cellulose and paracetamol

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This paper describes and interprets the coherence and the tensile strength of bi-component compacted tablets, composing a mixture of a poorly compactable drug, paracetamol and a very cohesive and ductile carrier, microcrystalline cellulose (MCC), Avicel® PH 102, using the concepts of the stored elastic strain in conjunction with the particle size and the relative volume fraction of the powders. Cylindrical compacts of the bi-component tablets, at various compositions formed at a common ultimate stress of 99 MPa, were subsequently fractured using the indirect tensile test method (Brazilian test method) to obtain a measure of their tensile strength. Various inter-relations between the compaction and tensile rupture characteristics are described. A simple model, which may predict the required volume fraction of MCC to produce a cohesively viable tablet is suggested, and applied to the current system. The results show to some extent the consistency of the suggested model with the experimental results.

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