Site specific solubility improvement using solid dispersions of HPMC-AS/HPC SSL – Mixtures

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Graphical abstractHighlightsAlmost gastro resistant properties for binary mixtures of drug and HPMC-AS.Inverting of solubility profile of weak base without the addition of pH-modifier.Superior supersaturation with ternary mixtures over physiological relevant pH.Many upcoming drug candidates are pH-dependent poorly soluble weak bases in the pH range of the gastrointestinal tract. This often leads to a high in vivo variability and bioavailability issues. Aiming to overcome these limitations, the design of solid dispersions for site specific dissolution improvement or maintenance of a potent supersaturation over the entire gastro-intestinal pH-range, is proposed to assure a reliable drug therapy. Solid dispersions containing different ratios of Dipyridamole (DPD) or Griseofulvin (GRI) and the enteric polymer hydroxypropylmethylcellulose-acetate succinate (HPMC-AS) and the water soluble low-viscosity hydroxypropylcellulose (HPC-SSL) were prepared by hot melt extrusion (HME). The solid dispersions were evaluated for their solid state, dissolution characteristics applying a three pH-step dissolution method following an acidic to neutral pH transition and stability. The use of HPMC-AS in binary mixtures with DPD and GRI facilitated increased solubility and supersaturation at pH-controlled release of the preserved amorphous state of the dispersed drug, which even inverted the pH-dependent solubility profile of the weakly basic model drug (Dipyridamole). I.e. a potent site specific delivery system was created. With ternary solid dispersions of API, HPMC-AS and HPC-SSL, tailored release profiles with superior supersaturation over the applied pH-range could be obtained. At the same time, binary and ternary mixtures showed favorable stability properties at a temperature difference between glass transition temperature and the applied storage temperature of down to 16 °C.

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