A hybrid approach to predict the relationship between tablet tensile strength and compaction pressure using analytical powder compression

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Graphical abstractThe objective was to present a hybrid approach to predict the strength-pressure relationship (Symbol) of tablets using common compression parameters and a single measurement of tablet tensile strength. Experimental Symbol were derived for six pharmaceutical powders with brittle and ductile properties and compared to predicted Symbol based on a three-stage approach. The prediction was based on the Kawakita Symbol parameter and the in-die Heckel yield stress, an estimate of maximal tensile strength, and a parameter proportionality factor α. Three values of α were used to investigate the influence of the parameter on the Symbol. The experimental Symbol could satisfactorily be described by the three stage model, however for sodium bicarbonate the tensile strength plateau could not be observed experimentally. The shape of the predicted Symbol was to a minor extent influenced by the Kawakita Symbol but the width of the linear region was highly influenced by α. An increased α increased the width of the linear region and thus also the maximal predicted tablet tensile strength. Furthermore, the correspondence between experimental and predicted Symbol was influenced by the α value and satisfactory predictions were in general obtained for α = 4.1 indicating the predictive potential of the hybrid approach.

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