Formulation of avanafil in a solid self-nanoemulsifying drug delivery system for enhanced oral delivery

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Avanafil was incorporated into solid self-nanoemulsifying systems with the aim of improving its oral bioavailability. Labrafil, Labrafac, and Miglyol 812 N were investigated as oils, Tween 80 and Cremophor EL as surfactants, and Transcutol HP as a co-surfactant. Nine formulations produced clear solutions of 13.89–38.09 nm globules after aqueous dilution. Adsorption of preconcentrate onto Aeroperl 300 Pharma at a 2:1 ratio had no effect on nanoemulsion particle size. Differential scanning calorimetry, X-ray diffraction, and scanning electron microscopy indicated that avanafil was molecularly dispersed within the solid nanosystems. A formulation containing 10% Labrafil, 60% Tween 80, and 30% Transcutol HP had the highest drug loading (44.48 mg/g) and an acceptable in vitro dissolution profile (96.42% within 30 min). This formulation was chemically and physically stable for 6 months under accelerated storage conditions and it produced a 3.2-fold increase in bioavailability in rabbits, as compared to conventional commercially available avanafil tablets (Spedra®).

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