Synthetic nanocarriers for the delivery of polynucleotides to the eye

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This review is a comprehensive analysis of the progress made so far on the delivery of polynucleotide-based therapeutics to the eye, using synthetic nanocarriers. Attention has been addressed to the capacity of different nanocarriers for the specific delivery of polynucleotides to both, the anterior and posterior segments of the eye, with emphasis on their ability to (i) improve the transport of polynucleotides across the different eye barriers; (ii) promote their intracellular penetration into the target cells; (iii) protect them against degradation and, (iv) deliver them in a long-term fashion way. Overall, the conclusion is that despite the advantages that nanotechnology may offer to the area of ocular polynucleotide-based therapies (especially AS-ODN and siRNA delivery), the knowledge disclosed so far is still limited. This fact underlines the necessity of more fundamental and product-oriented research for making the way of the said nanotherapies towards clinical translation.

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