Albumin micro/nanoparticles entrapping liposomes for itraconazole green formulation

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Itraconazole-loaded micro/nanoparticles containing albumin and liposomes were prepared by a technological process that avoids the use of organic solvents and crosslinker agents. The particles were characterized, lyophilized and formulated as tablets. Dynamic light scattering was used to determine the hydrodynamic diameter and zeta potential of the particles; optical and scanning-electron microscopy was used to evaluate their morphology. Spherical shaped particles of different sizes and zeta potential were obtained. An exponential relationship between the zeta potential and the albumin/cationic lipid molar ratio was established. Drug entrapment efficiency values were in the range of 51–68%, with no statistical differences among albumin feeding concentrations. Mannitol was used as lyophilization additive and the freeze-dried cake was directly compressed into tablets, suitable for vaginal administration. The results from the in vitro drug delivery assay show the influence of albumin on the itraconazole delivery profile; a rapid release was observed for particles with higher albumin amount compared to those with lower protein content. According to the results of this study, albumin particles entrapping liposomes prove to be a green pharmaceutical vehicle with a high potential for delivery of hydrophobic and highly albumin-bound drugs.Graphical abstract

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