In vitro simulation of realistic gastric pressure profiles

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Novel in vitro dissolution tools can aid the development of orally administered drugs by explaining dosage form related in vivo phenomena that are not explainable with standard test apparatuses. Such novel tools are able to mimic various parameters in accordance with gastrointestinal conditions. Hereby, in vivo occurring pressure events were shown to be of major importance since they largely affect dosage form disintegration, drug dissolution and subsequently resulting drug plasma concentration profiles. The aim of the present study was to investigate the feasibility of producing biorelevant pressure events with standard test apparatuses and with the dynamic open flow through test apparatus. For this purpose, we used the SmartPill®, a swallowable capsule that houses a pressure sensor and that was already applied to gather human in vivo data. Among the standard apparatuses, highest pressures were measured in the reciprocating cylinder apparatus and the disintegration tester. No relevant pressure peaks could be detected in the paddle apparatus and the mini paddle apparatus. In contrast, the dynamic open flow through test apparatus enabled the simulation of complete gastric pressure profiles as they occur in vivo. The present work underlines the potential of novel in vitro dissolution models as useful tools during the drug development process as well as for explanatory purposes.Graphical abstract

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