Improving mechanical properties of desloratadineviamulticomponent crystal formation

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We report the first multicomponent crystal of desloratadine, an important anti-histamine drug, with a pharmaceutically acceptable coformer of benzoic acid. The single crystal structure analysis revealed that this novel multicomponent crystal is categorized as salt due to the proton transfer from benzoic acid to the desloratadine molecule. By forming the salt multicomponent crystal, we demonstrated that the tabletability and plasticity of the multicomponent crystal was improved from the parent drug. In addition, neither capping nor lamination tendency was observed in the desloratadine-benzoic acid multicomponent crystal. The existence of a layered structure and slip planes are proposed to be associated with this improvement. The desloratadine-benzoate in this case shows an improved solubility in water and HCl 0.1N media and a better dissolution profile in water. However, the dissolution rate in HCl 0.1N media was found to be essentially indifference.

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