Critical comparison of shake-flask, potentiometric and chromatographic methods for lipophilicity evaluation (logPo/w) of neutral, acidic, basic, amphoteric, and zwitterionic drugs

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In the present study three different procedures have been compared for the determination of the lipophilicity of the unionized species (log Po/w) of neutral, acidic, basic, amphoteric, and zwitterionic drugs. Shake-flask, potentiometric and chromatographic approaches have been assayed in a set of 66 representative compounds in different phases of advanced development. An excellent equivalence has been found between log Po/w values obtained by shake-flask and potentiometry, while the chromatographic approach is less accurate but very convenient for screening purposes when a high-throughput is required. In the case of zwitterionic and amphoteric compounds, either for shake-flask and chromatographic methods, the pH has to be accurately selected in order to ensure the compound to be in its neutral form.Graphical abstract

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