Design and synthesis of a new series of low toxic naphthalimide platinum(IV) antitumor complexes with dual DNA damage mechanism

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Naphthalimide platinum(IV) antitumor complexes with potential dual DNA damage mechanism were designed, synthesized and evaluated for antitumor activities. The incorporation of DNA targeted naphthalimide group to the platinum(IV) system exerts much positive impacts on their antitumor efficacy. The mechanism research reveals that the title compounds could interact with dsDNA in platinum(IV) form via the naphthalimide group and cause DNA lesion. The further reduction would release platinum(II) complexes and naphthalimide acids which would induce remarkable secondary damage to DNA. Furthermore, the naphthalimide platinum(IV) compounds could combine with human serum albumin via electrostatic force, which are favourable for their storage and transport in blood. Moreover, the title compounds exhibit higher accumulation in tumor cells, and exert lower toxic and higher safe properties than oxaliplatin in vivo.

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